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About Mikolai Consulting

Unleash your roar! The right communication strategy can exponentially grow your business, so let's make sure your message is heard. We can help you build motivated, high-performance teams, and we can activate your customers with meaningful value propositions. This powerful combination is the key to realising your vision and achieving your goals.


The Company We Keep

A sample of clients and projects


WOWfm is a community radio station that is operated by volunteers. A great station, it needed a marketing plan and revamped website to increase listeners and sponsorships.


Owner & Senior Strategist

Tricia Mikolai, MBC

Tricia is an award-winning leader in marketing communications and organisational development.

Her passion for communications stems from of a love of writing and the science of behavioural economics – the study of the economic decisions people make and why they make them.

With a career spanning more than 20 years, Tricia has held several leadership roles in international organisations such as Head of Marketing for FranklinCovey ANZ, Global Marketing Communications Leader for Energy Exemplar, Managing Director - Oceania at BI Worldwide and Marketing Manager at Diagnostic Group LLC. She has served on Executive Leadership Teams across these organisations, and her experience includes both developing marketing communication strategies and delivering on those plans, always with a focus on measuring the results.


Tricia began her marketing career in the United States where she worked in the health care, technology, financial and manufacturing industries, primarily focused on increasing B2C brand awareness and driving sales activities. She went on to become a solution designer of behaviour change programs which honed her internal communications and employee marketing experience, specifically in health care, manufacturing and service companies.


In 2013, Tricia moved to Australia and began developing organisational effectiveness programs for senior leaders across automotive, financial, FMCG and technology companies. Her everyday take on applied behavioural economics made her a popular writer, thought leader and speaker on this topic for employee and sales audiences. Over several years, she grew her responsibilities to lead marketing, sales, implementation and customer service teams that delivered behaviour change programs for clients such as Medtronic, HP, Pepsi, Volkswagen, Audi, AIA and QBE.


Tricia hails from Minnesota where she earned a Bachelor's degree in English and a Master's degree in Business Communication, both from the University of St. Thomas. She also holds several digital marketing certifications, is an experienced public speaker and a published writer.


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